Respite Care




St Agatha Care understands that caring for an elderly relative is a huge commitment. Sometimes you will need to take time off, either as a planned break or due to life getting in the way. This is where respite care can come in, allowing you to recuperate and take time off your duties while leaving your loved one in capable hands.

Similarly, helping your loved one transition from time in hospital back to day-to-day life is a complicated undertaking which starts the minute they are discharged. It may be that your schedule or other commitments might not allow you to be there all of the time.

Our specialist after-hospital and respite care packages provide our clients with constant care and attention during these high-demand occasions, as both represent a sudden change in their daily routines.  They will enjoy not just care and attention but the companionship of a dedicated carer, who is able to assist them as much or as little as is needed.


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