familiarity and consistency of care

At St Agatha Care, we offer a personalised service for individuals seeking care in the comfort of their homes, from companionship to complex care needs. 

Grounded in strong family values, we firmly believe in the importance of maintaining one's independence and well-being by living at home, despite health challenges or aging, through consistent and familiar carers.

We prioritise understanding your unique requirements, assisting with your  individual needs, and fostering meaningful, long-term relationships. The carers within our network are reliable and discreet, renowned for their qualities and values, and committed to delivering care with utmost compassion, dignity and respect. They are self-employed, fully insured and thoroughly vetted, providing you with peace of mind. 

About Us  





We take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. In an industry of generalised and often restrictive services, we get to know our clients and tailor our support to best suit them.



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Companionship and assistance, as and when your loved one requires it.

Visiting Care 

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Bespoke personal care, homemaking and companionship around the clock.

Live-In Care 


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Let our carers look after your loved one while you take some time off.

Respite Care 

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Assured comfort and safety for your loved one at night if you need it.

Night Care 

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Giving support, care and comfort to your loved one at the end of life.








We go beyond simple functional care, providing steadfast support throughout every facet of the care journey. This includes not only carrying out meticulous vetting and selecting suitable carers, but also comprehensive administrative assistance around all tasks associated with engaging a care professional



What distinguishes us from other care agencies:

  • Consistent continuity of care with the same carer
  • Direct hiring of self-employed carers by you
  • Your autonomy in managing the care provided
  • Full administrative support throughout the care journey
  • Cost-effectiveness compared to managed care agencies
  • Growing network of outstanding caregivers
  • A culture anchored in empathy, transparency, open communication, and meaningful relationships
  • Additional services to enable individuals to remain independent at home, including maintenance, transportation, and hairdressing





The values of humility, respect and compassion form the heart of our approach. We see helping seniors live their lives to the fullest as our duty, by giving back to the community and helping those who have helped others.

We believe that everyone can appreciate the spiritual dimension that comes with one's senior years, whether they are religious or not. As such, while we hold Christian ethos dear to our approach, we respect all religious or non-religious traditions.


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We understand that seniors enjoy consistency and familiarity, and this is a large reason why people consider home care to begin with.

We allocate one primary carer to each client and the same respite carer whenever possible.

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Our carers' services can range from weekly home visits to continuous 24-hour care, night care, respite care or post-hospital care.

Always built around the requirements and routine of our clients.

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No two people are the same.

Our carers tailor their services to the specific conditions and personality of the individual, making a tremendous difference to their quality of life and comfort. 



Each home care plan our carers put together is completely unique and tailored to the specific person. This can include simple company and conversation right up to full personal care. A typical care plan might include:


Senior Care Agency in London

Support to start the day

Mealtime assistance


Maintaining communication

Monitoring health and wellbeing

Prompting with medication

Help with running errands


Looking after pets and plants

Accompanying to appointments

Ordering and collecting prescriptions



Companionship and conversation

Continence care and assistance

Meal preparation


Light housework


Support with social activities

Help getting ready for bed



  Are your carers self-employed?...

Yes - This approach leaves you in control of the arrangements between you and the carer, who is employed directly by you. However, we will offer you on-going support and guidance to help you manage your care, such as the provision of templates for contracts between you and the carer, or any other necessary templates.

  How quickly can you arrange care?...

We and our network of carers understand how important it is to arrange quality care if someone is immediately being discharged from a hospital or in need of urgent support. As soon as you contact us and explain the care needed, we will start proposing potential solutions.

  What if my family member has specific medical requirements?...

We provide specialists trained in caring for those with advanced dementia or physical disabilities, ensuring a full spectrum of care. The carers are trained in the administration and storage of prescribed and over-the-counter medication, and can prompt the individual to take their medication, as well as administer it when there is appropriate consent.

  What is the process of arranging care?...

After an initial consultation to understand your circumstances and support needs, we will send you a registration form. With the information we receive from you and your registration form we will determine the level of care you are likely to require, as well as identify and introduce a suitable carer.

  How do you ensure the quality and trustworthiness of your carers?...

We have strong connections with the London community from The Philippines, where Sara lived when she was younger. She maintains a close relationship based on loyalty, trust and respect with every member of her team, making it a priority to ensure everyone is happy. Each carer is professionally and personally vetted. We assess their qualifications, experience, carry out background and reference checks and offer them access to courses to develop additional skills.




the process of arranging care

You can reach us by phone or email to initiate the process. The first step is an initial consultation over the phone, during which we'll delve into your circumstances and support requirements. Following this consultation, we'll send you a registration form and arrange a home visit to further assess your needs and foster a deeper understanding, completing the form together if you desire. With the information gathered, we'll determine the level of care you're likely to require and introduce you to a suitable carer or team of carers tailored to your personality and needs.

We deeply value the trust families place in us, and it's our responsibility to deliver the highest standard of professional carers in the industry. Upon selecting a suitable carer, you'll have complete control over the service. We'll be with you every step of the way, managing administrative tasks, offering assistance with rota scheduling if required, and addressing any queries or concerns promptly. Should the primary carer become unavailable for any reason, we'll assist in finding a suitable replacement.

Please find some of our client and carer case studies here

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St Agatha Care is defined by the CQC as an Introductory Service. Registered in England and Wales with company number 12452063.