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“Sara and St Agatha have been an absolute godsend! I had to step-up as next of kin for my 94-year-old aunt, after she fell and broke her arm and had a long month stay at the hospital.

By the time we were told she could go back home, Sara didn't hesitate for a minute in assisting us with finding the best possible carer, for my elder aunt that refused till now any sort of assistance!

I spoke with her for the first time on a Monday, and on Thursday of that same week, the new carer was starting to work with my aunt.

She is very diligent. I would recommend her to anyone in need of responsible carers. Not only have they exceeded my expectations on the daily care provided, but also extremely knowledgeable and great peace of mind to know that in any eventuality that her permanent carers may have, the agency can always provide alternative solutions.”





“We first heard about St Agatha Care agency and its carers from someone visiting a sick family member in St George's Hospital, Tooting. We were in a crisis moment, where our Dad was suddenly going to need full time care and we didn't know who to turn to or what to do. After a brief conversation in the hospital, St Agatha and Sara were recommended to us. The agency has provided us with carers who are kind, professional, skilled and caring. Sara has worked tirelessly to provide us with round the clock rotas (particularly over Christmas and New Year) which have helped to lighten the burden of caring for a very sick parent. From nothing, we now have a system in place and are confident that our Dad is getting the best care that he needs.

I wholeheartedly would recommend St Agatha Care and Sara Castro.  In our experience, they will go out of their way to help you." 






“During what should have a been a short hospital stay, my mother Mary was unable to leave for 111 days due to various hospital-acquired infections. A new diagnosis of Parkinsonism - a debilitating and painful disease, in addition to the dementia she already had, left her immobile, non-communicative and with a contorted body that required 24 hour care.

In a short space of time, our family had to adjust to an entirely new panorama with all the emotional distress that brought and to look for appropriate care. A nursing home was recommended as the only practical solution.

Yet this didn't sit very well with us; we simply wanted to bring her home. Through a chance conversation with Sara at St. Agatha Care, we found an alternative solution that met the holistic needs of our family. Sara moved with speed and alacrity to find a team of experienced and available live-in carers.

My mother returned to her own home, and in no time at all improved immeasurably. Through attention to her personal well-being and nutrition, my mother continues to improve and has become visibly happier.

My mother is very alert to the familiarity of her home environment: pictures, décor, smells, sounds, and a steady stream of friends and family are able to pay regular visits. Her carers, Myrna and Amy have shown us just what care in the home can do using innovative ideas and their considerable experience with the elderly to bring about these improvements.

These last few months have certainly had their challenges, and I am full of praise for the help that St. Agatha Care has been able to give us by connecting us with those who have a vocation to provide loving care in a home setting.”



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"My mother has always been an independent person and still lives at home at the age of 90, but has recently started to need a little help with cooking and getting out and about.  She also needed a little more companionship as many of her friends also lacked mobility.  We spoke to Sara who seemed to understand completely what was needed.  She narrowed down the search to two possible carers who she thought would be well suited to my Mum and recommended one in particular.  We arranged to meet her with my mother and within minutes they were getting on brilliantly.  She now comes three times a week, when she sorts things out for my Mum and they chat about all sorts of things.  The difference it has made to my Mum and her quality of life is amazing.  Sara could not have found a kinder, better match."




“Thank you for your help over the last few weeks. You were so kind to come up with a solution for us at such short notice. It was genuinely transforming. It meant that we were all confident that my mother was well looked after when she came out of hospital and the kind, gentle, responsible, accommodating spirit of all the carers who came was so what my mother wanted. They are a wonderful group of people." 




Excellent at matching people in need with carers...

Sara is a good listener and excellent at matching people in need with carers. Always keen to raise the quality of care. I feel very valued at St Agatha Care Rosalie   |   Chelsea  |  

We feel lucky to be carers of Mary, people involved in her life...

I was happy that Sara at St Agatha Care provided me the opportunity to train my daughter Armelyn as a carer, and Armelyn and I were determined to give Mary the best care we could. Fortunately, Mary responded very quickly, and her family has been happy. We have helped her exercise her hands and helped her skin become much better. She tries to communicate with us, and we are all grateful that she is improving. Mary is a very kind person, and we enjoy it when she shows us her sense of humour. We feel lucky to be carers of Mary, people involved in her life. Amy   |   Surrey  |  

I am grateful and thankful for being part of St Agatha Care...

I am grateful and thankful for being part of St Agatha Care. I especially appreciate Sara communicating with us from day one and never abandoning us. I do not feel alone when circumstances occur. God bless you. Sophie   |   Chelsea  |  

St Agatha is a family oriented care agency...

I am happy and grateful that I was introduced to St Agatha Care. They offered me training and found me a job that I am capable and confident to do. Sara is very pleasant to talk to. Marci   |   Surrey  |  

Reliable and ensures things get done...

Sara is very reliable and always ensures that everything is done. I appreciate being part of SAC. Since I have known Sara, she has given me the opportunity to get jobs. I recommend her to my friends and everyone looking for a job. Maricel   |   Wandsworth  |  

Absolute joy...

The client is such a lovely lady, and we have lots of laughs. It is an absolute joy to go and spend time with her. She always gives me a cuddle when I leave and says “looking forward to seeing you the day after tomorrow.” Thank you so much for allowing me to be the one to help her in any way I can. Sue   |   Somerset  |  




St Agatha Care is defined by the CQC as an Introductory Service. Registered in England and Wales with company number 12452063.